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Hire Purchasing Module

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  • Comprehensive Hire Purchase, Loan, Deposit and Accounts Management for your auto loan finance business
  • Full information is kept on every loan giving you easy access on all enquiries. Information includes client and guarantors, as well as current status, payment schedule and transactions
  • All information is easily accessed and clearly presented
  • Language skills of applicants
  • HP Receipts
  • Penalty interest can be calculated on overdue Loans
  • Advanced search provision to find the HP customer quickly
  • Customer history and party summary report will allow you to analyze the party loan status
  • Comprehensive,flexible and user-friendly reports, export to excel and PDF format as well.
  • Multiple deposit types and payment options
  • Automatic letter generation for overdue payments

Hospital Management System

A smart software for hospitals and health care organizations which is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system. It is a windows based software and all its functions can be accessed within a network.

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management Software is a Platform Independent powerful retail management program. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. It is a great solution for both the sales counter.

Filling Station Information System

The task of the Filling Station Information System is to perform the duties of the filling station. Among others, it shall provide the sale of fuels and shop products for the customers through a POS terminal. The system is suitable for controlling of other elements required for the operation of the filling stations. The POS transactions are processed by a back office computer, keeping stock accounting, taking the inventory of the shop articles.

School Management System

School Management System delivers fee payment, registration and data management tools for schools. This system help improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing school registration, budgeting, fund accounting, fundraising, after-school care, and more. School Management solution streamlines school registration with automatic back-office administration, facilities, student data, school accounting and enables educational institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students. Automated payment processing has brought huge savings for schools and it has freed up their staff to do other tasks.

Mobile Applications

Android, Web OS, IS..... By summoning up the computerized business operations, now it has arrived to your finger tips via mobiles. Technicians of Cyclomax are strong enough to empower you to handle all your business operations from your living place. To fulfill all the business operations like payments of the workers (mobile payrolls), cheque payments (Cheque systems) etc., check whether your employees move to exact places as you decide (location tracking), Issue bills to customers via mobile etc., contact the mobile apps division of Cyclomax.