A Recruitment Agency Management System By Cyclomax

Your agency management system is your most important employee.

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Manage all operations of the recruiting process with one unified computer system. Let the customers know their status instantly with Client follow up history. Visit all the recruiting processes of customers in one page.
Use the reports to make business decisions on growth.

Built for any business at any stage. Including yours.

Check out the awesome functionality of our System

  • Manage Appointments
  • Manage Client Status
  • Update Processes
  • Answer Calls Instantly
  • Collect Feedback
  • Manage Accounts and Finance
  • Manage Payroll system
  • Manage Requests & Complaints
  • Manage Agent Transfer Process

Upgrade your Agency to a higher step with VOLAR

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It’s time to let go of those piled up files and to upgrade your company with a smart Computer system.

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About VOLAR Recruitment Agency Management System

Volar is a web based Recruitment Agency Management System which has been exclusively designed to manage all the Recruiting Processes effectively and efficiently. It gives a latest Technological Experience along with speed, security, and reliability. While developing this software our software engineers have considered each and every aspect of the processes involved in Recruitment Agency Operation. Therefore Volar is extremely suitable for initiating and tracking the processes like Call Center Management, Candidate Selection and Recruitment, Visa processing, Medical processing and Bureau processing and Agent transferring process.
You no longer have to follow the traditional processes. Cyclomax International has provided the best IT solution to enlighten your Agency Operation !

The features that make Volar special

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Manage your clients’ inquiries efficiently, professionally, and in an electronically standardized manner.

Quickly update client details and process details with a simplified interface.

Manage request/complaints instantly with a client follow up history.

Network all sections (Reception/Front office console/Country Manager/Accounts)to encourage an efficient exchange of information.

Manage your accounts for payments and payroll.

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Increase your enrollments using VOLAR . Helpful follow up features to keep track of the agents.

Save time using standardized data and concentrate on your marketing strategy.

The inquiry section is a valuable tool to convert more inquiries into enrollments.

Build future and mitigate Errors and Omissions by tracking every interaction.

Keep the security in the system by tracking user activities.

What's in Customer Relationship Management Module ?

Reception Console

Reception console is engaged in registration of clients (in call/visit) and appointment management. They guide the client to the Front office console with tokens. This provides higher efficiency at busy times.


front office console

Front Office Console

Front officers are engaged in the further operations of recruiting process such as Medical Process/ Training Process/ Visa Process/ Bureau Process etc. and in Request/Complaint Management with client follow up history.

Country Manager

Finalize the client processes such as Foreign Agent Transfer Process, Bureau Process, Visa Stamping, Ticket Booking, Departure Process, Bureau Refunding Process, while managing client pool documents.

Country Manager

VOLAR offers you more !

See every point along your customer’s journey with your business

Call Center - CRM


  • Client Registration
  • Register clients on the system and access the profiles with one click.
  • Appointment Management
  • Schedule appointment dates and times in an organized manner, saving your client’s time.
  • Queue Management
  • Reduce customer wait and increase customer satisfaction by eliminating irregular and haphazard queuing.

  • Client Feedback Module
  • Collect the comments and complaints about the company for improving and addressing the needs and wants of the customer.
  • Instant Chat
  • Access customer profiles easily and provide required details as per the needs.
  • Complain/Request Management
  • Improve system efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Volar enables you to respond quickly and accurately to customer service requests submitted through any channel.


  • Client Profile Management
  • Volar makes it convenient for agencies to collect accurate client details and reduce the service time of the employees with a single unified system. It manages the processes such as Medical Process, Training Process, Visa Process, Bureau Process.
  • Client Status Management
  • Handles the status of the client (FBR, Teeth Status, Police Report, Bureau process) and notify the clients with alerts
  • Status Report of Clients Without Passport
  • You can get reports about the clients without passports and volar provides the facility to manage passport preparation process.

Country Manager

  • Vacant Client Pool Document Management
  • Finalize the client recruiting process by preparing required documents through the system.
  • Foreign Agent Transfer Process
  • Prepare documents automatically with Volar and send the client's application to foreign agent through the system easily.
  • Foreign Agent Pool Management
  • Register foreign agents and sub agents in the system while managing their details.
  • Foreign Agent Acceptance
  • Send notifications automatically to foreign agents if the client has been selected by another foreign agency.

  • Bureau Process
  • Collect the validation status of the client.
  • Visa Stamping
  • Manage visa stamping process easily
  • Ticket Booking
  • Manage information required for ticket booking.
  • Departure Process
  • Get notified whether client has transferred and complete process.
  • Bureau Refunding Process
  • Handle the Bureau Refunding Process.

And more !


  • Standard Accounting System
  • Keep track of all types of financial transactions, including Medical Certification, Police Clearance, Departure Advance, Bills, Training fees, Insurance Fee etc…
  • BL/PNL Chart of Account
  • Payment Receipt
  • The company will be able to manage all payments through the accounts module. You can generate payment receipts through the system easily.
  • Payment Voucher
  • Cheque Payment Process
  • Provides the facility to handle cheque payments within the agency.
  • Foreign Agent Account Management
  • Manage the payments of the foreign agent smoothly.
  • Sub Agent Payments


  • Live MIS Dashboard
  • Provide a central management location to monitor the agency operation in a single display and it provides the analyzed information about the agency operations, helping to improve the company operations.
  • Group Policy
  • Develop the employers in the agency as teams and this provides a greater opportunity to manage them effortlessly.
  • Employee Login Control
  • Have higher security through the system. It tracks each employee. The top management will be able to see the activity log of each employee.